Wednesday, December 26, 2012

An Introduction

Here are the ground rules:
  • I read books for review at Bitch Magazine, Publishers Weekly, Spirituality & Health or just for kicks at Goodreads. I don't review books of my friends or sources, generally, without a disclaimer. Blame it on my attempt at objectivity.
  • There are almost no outlets that regularly publish reviews of books that are by or about women of color, and those are the ones I'm most interested in. So, I created this space mainly for that. I trust you know where to find books by everyone else.
  • I do not accept bribes or even hot dates in exchange for positive book reviews. 
  • I generally don't read Oprah Book Club or New York Times Bestsellers until years after they have been published. I don't like to echo the sentiments of others when I'm reading a book, I want to come to it fresh, with my own opinions and insights instead of echoing someone else's praise.